Where we’re based

We’re in Janvrins Island. An Island off an Island. But that doesn’t stop us. We cover all of Cape Breton, and even some of the mainland: we’ve done quality work throughout Antigonish and Guysborough Counties.

Appleseed HQ

AppleSeed Energy Inc.
1796 Janvrin harbour Road, RR#1
West Arichat, NS, B0E 3J0

Happy to Help

No job is too big or too small. We have an expert team of qualified trust-worthy electricians, carpenters, installers, ready to assist your next project. We’d love to hear from you.

Our staff are professional and our business is fully-insured. We have been in good standing with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia for many years. All our staff are Fall Arrest and First Aid certified. We don’t take chances when it comes to our customer’s satisfaction. We love seeing a job well done and a happy customer.

AppleSeed Energy Inc.
1796 Janvrin Harbour Road, RR#1
West Arichat, NS, B0E 3J0

Telephone: (902) 227-8220
Email: sales@appleseedenergy.com

Meet Brian

Brian started Appleseed Energy in 2008 with friend Ross MacDonald. Originally from Indiana, Brian, and his wife Gina, now call Janvrin’s Island Home, where they have been living off-grid since 2001.

From the early days, it was clear their focus should be in solar. It was a free source of energy that people wanted. It’s a very technical business, so Brian spent his time learning all there is to know about solar and off-grid living.

The business has grown to 5 full-time employees and they’re now installing over 1000 panels a year! Appleseed have completed projects far and wide, big and small. It’s testament to their enduring hard work that whenever they meet a previous customer out and about in the community, they are always happy to see Brian and his team, and report how much they love their solar system.


Appleseed have a great relationship with each and every one of our customers. We think this is because we are honesty and transparent with them. We tell them what they’re going to get and then deliver it. We never oversell.


Appleseed use the best-of-breed products and materials. This matters. Things don’t break. For instance, the solar panels we use on our house installations are warrantied for 25 years, and of all the thousands we’ve installed over the years, the ones we’ve replaced are still in the single digits. Now, that’s quality.


Appleseed are proud to be based on Janvrin’s Island, Cape Breton, and always will be. We support the local community, attending many fund-raising events. We employ fantastic professionals from our area, carpenters, electricians, and craftsmen and women. Family and community is important to us. We love living here and we want to make this corner of rural Nova Scotia sustainable by doing our bit. We don’t chase the big dollar jobs from the city. We prefer to live humbly and simply in a place we love.


It goes without saying, but as solar energy enthusiasts, we are eco-friendly. We help others become more environmentally-friendly: a typical house installation can save 500 tonnes of carbon per year. This is good for everyone. Our philosophy extends to every facet of our business, from materials, construction techniques, and travel hours. A business can be friendly to the environment and still make a profit. Brian and Gina, the owners of Appleseed, have lived off-grid for many years, growing vegetables, rearing animals, and recycling anything and everything. We don’t just talk the game, we live it too.

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